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    Intermediate and Advanced Guitar lessons

    In my experience, these are the most common problems encountered by intermediate and advanced level players:

    “I am stuck playing the same songs”
    “I feel my technique is wrong”
    ”I am stuck playing pentatonic box-type scales”
    “I feel I play the same licks”
    “ I still cant grip barre chords”

    ..and I can relate because at one time or another I have experienced all of these problems myself, This is normal, and discussions with other professional guitarist has revealed that these are the most common barriers to overcome.

    Luckily there are ways to overcome all of these obstacles in away that adds diversity and inspires new progess in all areas of playing.

    Here are just some examples of what we will be covering.

    Alternative picking, Legato picking, jazz comping, sweep picking, Tapping, Harmonics, alterative, tunings, percussive technique, economy picking, speed playing, finger inderpenance, and many

    Including pentatonic, Blues, Major and Natural minor. A delvopment of 2 and 3 note per string patterns, the right positions for all 12 keys. For more advanced players study includes – Modes
    – Ionian/Dorian/Phrygian/Lydian/Mixolydian/Aeolian/Locrian – Harmonic and the melodic minor scales and altered Jazz scales

    From your basic majors and minors to grade 8 jazz chords see Grades

    I teach all theory relevant to music,

    Ear training
    Giving you the ability for a better musical ear, including pitch recognition, harmony recognition and rhythm recognition. Also see Grades.

    Feel and style
    A look in to many styles including – rock/pop/jazz/soul/funk/metal/blues/acoustic/hiphop/
    dance/reggae/ska and many more – The more styles you have under your belt the better your rhythm feel and overall playing will be.

    Time signatures, counting, feel, strumming patterns. Playing different styles with different rhythm patters.

“Kevin has encouraged me to learn guitar in Brighton with a consistent strategy. Ie. Follow a plan, now I can see solid improvement in my guitar playing, IF YOUR STUCK IN A RUT – Kevs your man!” - Ivan Beeny, Brighton and Hove