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    "I've been learning to play guitar on and off for twenty years and was perfectly able to reproduce a competent tune. However, I'd never been good enough or confident enough to play by ear, improvise, transpose, play lead or generally do my own thing. It turns out that what I needed was someone to take me back to basics, unlearn my bad habits and teach me the basic building blocks of music theory. That person was Kevin Minney and within 2 months he had me playing at a higher level of understanding than I've ever done in twenty years. Where before I was just memorising and regurgitating now I'm actually playing and, what's more, I'm getting better every day. I cannot recommend Kevin enough, he's a total maestro"
    Nic Whittaker, Brighton

    "Kevin has boosted my sons confidence and has taken him from a beginner to Grade 1 in just a few months. I have felt that Kevin gives a good mix of inspiring my son to play whilst guiding through the necessary steps to pass a Grade"
    Beth Lindsay, Hove

    "Kevin was great, showed me the difference between playing the notes and playing music. Very patient and methodical approach to make it more fun to learn. Best teacher I’ve ever had"
    Emmet Hayes, Brighton

    “Kevin has been teaching me guitar for three years now, he has a great teaching technique and has a knack for being able to explain things in an easy to understand way. I had a few lessons from another teacher when I first started but just didn't seem to be able to pick things up so I gave up. A little while later I started having lessons from Kev, I have now gone from not knowing how to play a single chord to playing at Grade 5 standard, it's been hard work but Kevin always makes it fun and best of all doesn't make you feel like a bozo when you are struggling to learn a new technique. Kevin taught me in Northampton where he originally lived, now he has moved to Brighton he will be missed by all his pupils here but our loss is Brighton's gain. If you're looking for a great teacher who can teach any style then I would give Kevin a try”
    Chris Hawkins, Northampton

    “Kevin has encouraged me to learn with a consistent strategy. Ie. Follow a plan, now I can see solid improvement in my playing, IF YOUR STUCK IN A RUT – Kevs your man!”
    Ivan Beeny, Hove

    “Kevin has taught my son guitar for the last year and has really inspired him with his playing. He is flying through his grades and is loving learning it and looks forward t each lesson with great enthusiasm.”
    Lucy Dunleavy, Brighton

    “Kevin taught acoustic, classical, electric, and bass guitar to pupils at Akeley Wood School. I know him to be a first-rate teacher, whom I have always found to be a highly professional member of staff. A born enthusiast, his infectious love of music makes him popular with both colleagues and pupils alike. Music is extremely strong at Akeley Wood School. Kevin always worked hard to support his pupils and prepare them for the range of concerts and music events that take place throughout the School year. He also repeatedly wowed public audiences with his own virtuosity at the annual School rock concert, ‘Akeley Woodstock’. Frankly, I was extremely disappointed to see Kevin leave Akeley Wood in order to facilitate his plans to relocate to another part of the country. That said, I completely understand and support his decision to do so, and I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him to you”.
    Dr. Jerry Grundy MA (Oxon) PHD (mcgill) – Headmaster at Akeley wood senior school.

    “I went to learn from Kevin as a late starter 46, he taught me the nase technic to develop my own sound and style but more importantly how to think like a musician and now I teach these skills and theories I have leant form kevin” – Clinton scott – Northampton “I started playing acoustic guitar over a year ago, with a not a lot of success, I seen kevin play live and asked him if he would teach me, he kindly said yes, I am now singing in my own band and even writing my own songs, Kevin taught me how to play with real confidents and passion”
    Dean Tingley, Brighton

    “Kev’s teaching style, has helped me gain confidents and belief in my guitar playing abilitys”
    Alfie Jones, Brighton

    “Kevin is a fantastic guitar tutor, and a really friendly guy, I highly recommend him”
    Mark Freeman, Northampton

    “I sought for a Guitar tutor, in brighton, after trying a couple of other tutors Kevin was the only who showed me what I needed, he Encouraged, inspired and motivated to love my guitar"
    Dominic Waits, Brighton